• What kind of payments are accepted?

    We accepted with visa, mastercard.

  • Can the products be picked at store after ordering online?

    We’re very sorry that the stock system between online and offline are not the same one. Therefore the product ordered online can not be picked at retail stores. 

  • What I shall do if I forget the account password?

    Click “forget password” at the log-in page, fill In the email address and we will send an email to help you reset your password.

  • Do I have to be a member to purchase online?

    Yes, it’s a very simple to register as a member, you only need to fill in your email address and password and it’s done

  • Will you provide any invoice or receipt with the products?

    Domestic order: we will send out the invoice after 7 days since shipping completed.

    International order: The receipt will be enclosed with the product in the package for your verification.

  • How to review my order?

    Click the “member” at the log-in page, you can check and track your shipping status.

  • Are the price the same between online shop and retail stores?

    Yes. If there is any price difference between online and in-store price tag, please subject to the in-store price tag.